Team Canada

5 Jan

The World Junior Championship is taking place in hockey right now, teams from all across the world are travelling the world in order to have a chance at winning one of the biggest honors known in history. Every time the … Read More »

Vancouver Rogers Arena

21 Nov

There are a number of different Rogers Arena’s across Canada but the Vancouver location has been said to be far too quiet during the games. When you take away all of the loud music, all of the corporate suits their … Read More »

Hockey Canada

31 Oct

Canada stands as a country known for three things. Their known for Hockey, Free Health Care and Maple Syrup. Hockey is what Canada is best known for and it’s a sport that just doesn’t stand as something Canadian Citizens can … Read More »

Sydney Crosby

1 Oct

Tim Hortons is one of the world’s largest coffee shop brands, the original creator of this coffee shop was actually one of the best defenders in his day for four different hockey teams through his twenty four season career. He … Read More »

Don Cherry Expresses Anger

7 Aug

Don Cherry is a famous figure in the world of hockey and he is also a famous figure around the world. Don Cherry is the host of Coaches Corner, a beloved fifteen minute program that airs in between the second … Read More »

New Defensemen Signed

7 Aug

The Philadelphia Flyers are one of the more popular teams within the National Hockey League. Their presence can be felt throughout the entire league from the beginning of the season but unfortunately one of the Flyers key players has been … Read More »

2015 Winter Classic

27 Jun

The Chicago Blackhawks, one of the more beloved teams within the National Hockey League will be playing against the formidable Washington Capitals for the 2015 Winter Classic. This information has come from multiple sources within the Canadian Press. It doesn’t … Read More »

Conn Smythe Trophy

27 Jun

Justin Williams, a player for the Los Angeles Kings won the Conn Smythe Trophy this week. Justin Williams stands as the Most Valuable Player in the National Hockey League for 2014. He plays with the Los Angeles Kings, the winners … Read More »

Unreal Engine 4 Announced

9 May

Today, Epic Games chose to announce that their releasing the fourth unreal engine upon the video game industry. The Unreal Engine has powered multiple games that have been beloved by millions of people all around the world. These games include … Read More »