NHL Hosts All-Star Festivities

27 Jan

The National Hockey League is hosting their yearly All-Star festivities, an award show which sets out to honour the very best players currently playing in the league. This time around this award show is being held in Nashville, Tennessee. This … Read More »

Ben Scrivens Moving to Monteal Canadiens

29 Dec

Hockey trades are often an act of secrecy until the very last moment. As of today new information has come to light, information that has been the worst-kept secret in hockey trading history. Finally, after rumors for weeks indicating that … Read More »

Mayor Taken Down by Taser

30 Jun

The Arizona Coyote’s, a beloved national hockey league team will be losing their city & arena due to the fact that the Glendale Mayor Jerry Weiers decided to end the fifteen year contract agreement with the NHL Club. The Mayor … Read More »

Permit Fee’s For Youth Hockey

27 Jan

Hockey is one of the sports that continues to define each passing generation of youngsters in Canada. The sport has created friendships and bonds unlike any other sport in North America. Unfortunately it seems that cities across Ontario aren’t concerned … Read More »