Betting On NHL Hockey

Betting on NHL hockey can be quite exciting to say the least, especially with all the different way you can bet. The most common method of placing bets is called money-line betting, which is basically where you choose a winning team. You will also be able to choose the amount of goals to be scored or puck line bets, which we will explain in the article.

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Using money line betting

This is by far the most popular method of placing your bet on NHL hockey. You simply look at the different teams playing and choose the team you think will win the match. The bookie will provide you with the odds, meaning you will be able to see how much can be won when betting on either teams. This method is also great for bettors who are new to the idea as no technical information in required. We do however recommend you at least do some research on the teams to make a better decision. Once in a while you will find that teams with similar stats play against each other and hold the odds at the same level. For example; if both teams provide odds of -110 this means you will need to wager $110.00 for every $100.00 you would like to win.

Over Under bets

This is a bit more complicated, but still very easy to understand when you are interested in placing bets on hockey. Here the bookie will provide you with a number, let’s say 5.5 for example. You will then be able to bet on up to 5 goals or anything over 6 goals. If you place under 5 goals you are playing there will be 5 or less goals in the game. If you bet over you are playing there will be 6 or more goals. With this method you will not need to bet on a team or say who you think will win. It doesn’t matter who these goals are scored. If you bet on over 5.5 and the score comes to 4 for the home team and 2 for the visitors you will win because a total of 6 or more goals were scored. Sometimes the betting can provide an even number as well, like 5 for example. This means you can bet on less than 5 goals or more than 5 goals. If the game ends with a total of 5 goals all bets are cancelled and returned.

Puck line betting

Puck line betting is a little less common, but also widely used to place bets on hockey. This is a lot like MLB run line bets. The bookie will provide a spread of 1.5 for example. Here will be required to bet on teams, if you place a bet on the favoured team you will need them to win by at least 2 goals ahead of the underdogs. If you have placed a bet on the underdogs you will win when they win or when they lose by more less than 2 goals. This means the score can be 5-6 to the favoured team, you will still win when betting on the underdogs because they didn’t lose by more than 2 goals.

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