Ben Scrivens Moving to Monteal Canadiens

29 Dec

Monteal Canadiens

Hockey trades are often an act of secrecy until the very last moment. As of today new information has come to light, information that has been the worst-kept secret in hockey trading history. Finally, after rumors for weeks indicating that this trade was a reality. The Edmonton Oilers & Montreal Canadiens finally came out saying that Ben Scrivens will be moved to the Montreal Canadiens while Zack Kassian will become a part of the Edmonton Oilers. This announced can’t have come as a shock to both players as analysts within the industry have been pointing to this trade for nearly a month.

Neither one of these players have come out to make any statements regarding this issue. All that is known is that both players have taken this trade with a grain of salt. Scrivens is one of the upcoming goaltenders in the NHL, moving to the Montreal Canadiens isn’t a bad thing for him. Some of the most notable & famous goaltenders have played on the Canadiens which has probably lead to this players being incredibly happy. There is a small chance of Scrivens becoming the new Broder but he could become one of the more notable goaltenders in NHL History with the Montreal Canadiens direction.

It’s suspected that this trade will be significantly more popular in Montreal than it will be in Edmonton. Montreal has needed a fresh face in the net for two seasons now. The fans will only enjoy the new action that’ll come from the likes of Ben Scrivens.