Winnipeg Community Rallies for Injured Player

22 Nov

Hockey is more than just a sport for the people of Canada, it is a part of their culture that they hold dear. Unfortunately though this sport sparks millions of hours of fun for children, young adults and adults all around the country is can also cause for serious damage towards the body. This became evident once again when a young player for the Winnipeg based junior hockey league team “The Portage Terriers” was paralyzed during a game. All of the community of Portage, Winnipeg have been working to gain donations for Braden Pettinger.

The Portage Terriers

Apparently during a hockey game only a few weeks ago, this Defencemen whom is only the age of twenty suffered serious injuries after crashing into the boards head first during the final minutes of the game. This happened during November 12th, 2015. This defencemen is now forever paralyzed, his family is also horrified by what has happened and in the weeks since the community has already raised $1,500. There is also a GoFundMe page which is set to collect donations for the paralyzed defencemen.

Regardless of however many donations are given to this player, he will never be the same and never have the use of his legs again. The surgery required to reverse a paralysis can be life threatening, it’s a matter of no longer having the use of your legs or potentially dying. Ultimately it’s Braden’s choice but hopefully this young man finds a way to cope with his injuries, to keep on living as a happy individual.