Winnipeg Jets Ban Aboriginal Headdress

31 Oct

The Winnipeg Jets, a famous professional hockey team in the country of Canada has revealed that they’re going to be banning aboriginal headdresses from their sporting events from here on in. Originally this potential ban came to light due to a long-time fan making a formal complaint regarding the headdresses. Earlier on in the week, the staff of the Winnipeg Jets revealed that they would not be banning the feathered head gear due to this being an isolated complaint.

Winnipeg Jets

The day after this announcement the owner of the Winnipeg Jets, Mark Chipman spoke with a prominent indigenous leader in order to figure out which was the best course of action for this team. Derek Nipinak, the indigenous leader stated to Mark that these headdresses are highly spiritual and that they should never be warn to a sporting even unless it was for ceremonial purposes. The spiritual leader even went as to far as to say that he’s never attended an event with his headdress unless it was for religious purposes.

This resulted in Mark Chipman announcing that they would indeed be banning any aboriginal headdresses from the event as it goes against the beliefs that the aboriginal Canadian people have. It seems that the man who attended a hockey event wearing his headdress was made out to be a fool in the media. This is because all aboriginal people know the meaning of these headdresses while this young man more or less wanted everyone to look at him. Self-Consciousness at it’s best.

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