West Orange Charity Hockey Game Returns!

1 Oct

West Orange, New Jersey is known for being a city which is charitable. As a town they go above and beyond in order to help their fellow man. This is once again being shown as the West Orange Charity Hockey Game is returning for a second year in a row. This hockey match will be against the “West Orange Fire Department” and the “West Orange All-Stars” which is a team of hockey dads and coaches. A ticket to this game will cost $10 and all proceeds will be donated to special local charities which hit home for these players. This game is set to take place on October 3rd, 2015 at 7 P.M.

West Orange, New Jersey

One of the charities that are receiving one of the donations is the “Mountain Top League Program” which is designed to give those less fortunate children in the community the opportunity to play hockey at a vastly affordable cost. These programs are wonderful as it teaches these children discipline, honor, respect, hard work ethic and much more. What you learn through a sport is used throughout the duration of the rest of your life, this is a fact that’s been pointed out by thousands of athlete’s around the world.

A statement was made by Sal Anderton, the Mountain Top Trustee. He said, “Thank you to both the West Orange Fire Department and the All-Star team. Your donations make the difference and it’s due to men such as yourselves that youth hockey programs & other charitable programs around our country is possible.”

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