Mark Recchi Inducted Into Hall of Fame

31 Aug

Mark Recchi, a three time Stanley Cup winning NHL player has officially been inducted into the Hockey Hall of Fame. There is no denying that this incredible player shouldn’t be inducted as throughout his twenty two years in the NHL he impacted three different teams, taking them to the Stanley Cup and winning them.


Mr. Recchi played for the Pittsburgh Penguins, Carolina Hurricanes and Boston Bruins during his twenty two years in the NHL. Mark is a recent player who has only been out of the NHL for two years, since his departures he has been missed by his loyal fans. It was his final Stanley Cup win with the Boston Bruins back in 2011 where he announced only minutes after their win that he would be retiring from the National Hockey League, noting in the process that he wanted to have one for Stanley Cup win under his belt before retiring. He now stands as one of the few who’ve been inducted into the Hall of Fame in such a short period of time.

During 2010 the Bruins almost made it to the Stanley Cup and Mark Recchi was left with a difficult decision. Should he retire now and sign for another year, ultimately he signed for another year and drove himself physically more than he had in years. This resulted in him playing as if he was in his youth again, allowing for the Bruins to win the Stanley Cup and allowing for Mark Recchi to show that he is still one of the best hockey players that was in the league at that point

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