37 Hockey Celebrity’s Attend Charity Tournament

31 Jul

When you become a part of the public eye, you are no longer just a average person but you are a brand that doesn’t just benefit yourself but hundreds of other people as well. This was apparent at the Brass Pub Charity Ball Hockey Tournament this week in Kingston, Ontario. A total of thirty seven different hockey celebrities came out to the event to play in the tournament and raise funds for the “Food Sharing Program” and “Boys & Girls of Kingston Club”.

Brass Pub Charity Ball Hockey Tournament

There were multiple big names who showed up to this event including Sam Bennet from the Calgary Flames, Taylor Hall from the Edmonton Oilers, Lawson Crouse from the Florida Panthers, Scott Harrington from the Toronto Maple Leafs, Joe Cirella from the Florida Panthers and so many others. It hasn’t been revealed as to how much was brought in for charity from these stars appearances. Mr. Bennet from the Flames noted that his appearance alone was able to bring in $10,000 this year which is double the amount he was able to bring in for the event last year.

When interviewed during one the breaks between games Mr. Bennet was interviewed asking as to how he is preparing for the next season. The breakout rookie stated that he is training five times a week now so that he may get off the ice for a bit during the week, he also noted that this is an all-around year job as he has to go to the gym five times a week and practice on the ice five times a week as well.

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