Mayor Taken Down by Taser

30 Jun

The Arizona Coyote’s, a beloved national hockey league team will be losing their city & arena due to the fact that the Glendale Mayor Jerry Weiers decided to end the fifteen year contract agreement with the NHL Club. The Mayor also noted that he will not allow for a new stadium to be built & the end result has been hundreds upon hundreds of local fans being far angrier at the Mayor than normal.

Arizona Coyote’s

So much so that Ronda Pearson, a passionate fan took it upon herself to rip apart the Mayor during a televised council meeting. This quickly became popular on YouTube, gaining millions of hits they were able to have this Mayor ashamed by not only this one woman but by the entire country. That is why this Mayor in order to resolve the issue took it upon himself to allow for any Glendale citizen to shoot him down with a taser is $10,000 was raised for a local charity.

At first only $3,000 was able to be raised for Ronda Pearson, donations coming from all around the country to showcase their support of the team as well as Miss. Pearson. During the last hour the last $7,000 was donated anonymously, many believing that it was the Coyote’s themselves. This allowed for Ronda to shoot down the Mayor.
No charges have been laid for obvious reasons. This was all supervised, consensual and available for the public to see. All the money raised through other donations will also be going to a local charity.

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