Las Vegas beating Quebec in NHL Duel

2 Jun

There are two new NHL Teams that will be coming to fans in the 2016/2017 season. There are multiple states wishing to gain one of those teams but it seems that Las Vegas & Quebec have been narrowed down for one of the teams while Vancouver & Hamilton, Ontario are narrowed down for the other.

Las Vegas

Hamilton will more than likely get the new NHL team as Vancouver already has one & the local Kitchener/Waterloo area don’t have an NHL team other than the Maple Leafs to enjoy. Las Vegas on the other hand seems to be winning the duel against Quebec City. Both of these cities have begun creating NHL quality hockey rinks in hopes that they will receive the honor of hosting the new NHL team, Vegas was the first to begin construction and quickly after Quebec City put in the proposal to create their own NHL quality stadium.

This isn’t the only reason why Las Vegas in winning, if the NHL team comes to Las Vegas it’ll have a multi-billionaire backing it up. This in return means that everything that comes alongside with an NHL Team will be able to be afforded directly through the earning, meaning no loans would be required and in return no debt would be in the NHL’s name.

We shall keep you posted on what happens in this duel. Las Vegas is one of the entertainment capitals of the world so there’s a good chance that NHL will pick this desert city.

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