Permit Fee’s For Youth Hockey

27 Jan

Hockey is one of the sports that continues to define each passing generation of youngsters in Canada. The sport has created friendships and bonds unlike any other sport in North America. Unfortunately it seems that cities across Ontario aren’t concerned with how much this sport influences the lives of thousands of people each year in the province. The reason for this is because ice time is starting to go up in price, in order to permit your team to play you must pay for ice time. Various parts of Ontario have raised the prices more than others but none the less this has resulted in many of people reacting in harsh terms towards their cities.


Toronto for instance has raised its ice time from eight dollars to twelve. Though this might not be a lot of money it adds up over the course of a season and some local teams might not be able to afford that kind of ice time. The only way these teams would be able to afford it is if they raised their own prices to enter the league which in return some parents wouldn’t be afford to afford. The endless process would cause for possibly the next Wayne Gretzky or Sydney Crosby to never experiences hockey.

Citizens all across Ontario have openly said that if they must when next season comes around they’ll boycott these ice rinks and instead take to the natural waters that have become frozen over. This will cause for those rinks to go out of business faster than you’d believe as that is their main form of income. If this is the case these Canadian Citizens will find that they’ll win their war.

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