Team Canada

5 Jan

The World Junior Championship is taking place in hockey right now, teams from all across the world are travelling the world in order to have a chance at winning one of the biggest honors known in history. Every time the Junior Championship comes around it is obvious that Canada will be a formidable force in this hectic battle, it seems that this year that will be the case.


So far Canada has been doing incredible in the championship, earlier on the week during the last game with Czech Republic they beat them 5 – 0 which is just absolutely incredible. The Junior Canada team won their first game 8 – 0 but even the team is saying that their taking the semi-final game serious as Slovakia is a good team with solid defence and center forwards. The upcoming game taking place tonight on January 4th, 2015 is sure to be a nail bitter that will have Canadians & Slovakian’s both of the edge of their seats hoping that both of their home teams win.

Unfortunately there is no word as to who will win the game. What we do know is that Canada has proven that they won’t be taken down so easily and that they’ll do everything in their power to defeat the Slovakian’s. There will be major resistance for Canada though which will make tonight’s game one of the most exciting of the 2015 World Junior Championship. Those wanting to find out who wins will be able to do so by returning to our site, we will inform you of all updates on the upcoming games.

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