Vancouver Rogers Arena

21 Nov

There are a number of different Rogers Arena’s across Canada but the Vancouver location has been said to be far too quiet during the games. When you take away all of the loud music, all of the corporate suits their talking business and the sound of the players you only hear dead silence. This shouldn’t be the case at all as hockey is supposed to be a sport filled with life & excitement. Instead while attending a match at the Vancouver Rogers Arena you hear the sounds of whispers from random conversations and nothing more.

This is why the Vancouver Canucks have decided that they will be doing a number of things in order to make their fans more happy and excited to be at the matches. The first thing they plan to do is create a better team song and goal song in order to get fans pumped. They also plan on making the ticket prices cheaper in order to appeal to a wider audience and they’ll also be going through intensive training in order to ensure that their team this year has a chance at the Stanley Cup.

Often people complain that the real fans of hockey can’t afford to attend the games and that the only people who do attend these games are businessmen being offered free tickets or making business deals for the future. Making the ticket prices that much lower would allow for the true demographic of hockey fans to be released back into the Vancouver Rogers Arena.

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