Hockey Canada

31 Oct

Canada stands as a country known for three things. Their known for Hockey, Free Health Care and Maple Syrup. Hockey is what Canada is best known for and it’s a sport that just doesn’t stand as something Canadian Citizens can admire. Instead it stands as a part of Canadian Culture, something that has helped define the lives of hundreds of children throughout the years in Canada. Hockey Canada has now been around for nearly one hundred years, in less than a month Hockey Canada will turn one hundred years old and within those hundred years this sport has become something that almost every citizens loves.


Hockey Canada first began a few weeks after Canada joined World War I with Britain and the United States of America. Hockey Executives from America came to Ottawa on December 14th, 1914 in order to establish the Canadian Amateur Hockey League. This league would eventually become the National Hockey League that we all love. This sport helped Canada through some of its most trying times and it continues to do so in recent history. Amongst all the sports available to play it is hockey that has brought lifelong friendships together or have given people life long careers such as Wayne Gretzky.

During the next one hundred years there will be many changes in how the world works and how Canada is as a country. One thing you can count on remaining amongst all that change is Hockey Canada, it’ll continue to help pave the way for future careers and friendships. It’ll also help Canada in its future trying times.

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