Sydney Crosby

1 Oct

Tim Hortons is one of the world’s largest coffee shop brands, the original creator of this coffee shop was actually one of the best defenders in his day for four different hockey teams through his twenty four season career. He is still to this day considered to be one of the best defensemen to ever grace the National Hockey League. Recently Tim Hortons came under fire as there were rumors that Tim Hortons might be cancelling their hockey program due to the recent purchasing of Tim Hortons by Burger King. Timmies has openly said that these rumors need to lay rest as they would never do something like this.


Sydney Crosby, a Canadian hockey player who got his start in hockey in these Tim Hortons house leagues is defending Tim Hortons. He has openly said that Tim Hortons has helped create a generation of hockey players, him being one of them and that they consider their hockey league to be one of the most important aspects of their company. They’d never do anything to get rid of their league as hockey is so deeply imbedded into their roots.

Tim Hortons is currently undergoing changes though as they were purchased by Burger King earlier on this year. We can expect changes within the actual coffee shops themselves, things like Tim Hortons Hockey and Tim Hortons Summer Camp is something that will never change as long as Tim Hortons continues to operate as one of the world’s finest coffee shops.

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