Don Cherry Expresses Anger

7 Aug

Don Cherry is a famous figure in the world of hockey and he is also a famous figure around the world. Don Cherry is the host of Coaches Corner, a beloved fifteen minute program that airs in between the second intermission of certain NHL Games. During Coaches Corner you get to hear Don speak of his opinions of the game or the match that is currently unfolding in front of his eyes. There are many who believe that Don only knows every detail of the game but never truly played it.


Don Cherry played for a variety of different well known NHL teams which includes the Boston Bruins and Vancouver Canucks. He played between 1954 and 1972, afterwards he was a coach for a long period of time. Eventually he became the well known figure we all know and love from Coaches Corner. That is why he knows every detail of the game because he played the game on a professional level for nearly twenty years.

Unfortunately Don Cherry was in a bit of distress this weekend when he found out that an Auction Company was using his name, saying that Mr. Cherry used to own this 10,500 Square Foot Home their trying to sell. Don didn’t have any of this and went to Twitter to let his mass amount of followers know how he felt about this issue.

The full length of his tweet included, “It’s pretty low for an auction house to use my name to sell a house. People need to check their facts. I have never lived in the house on Mississauga Road. Liars! It’s ridiculous to anyone to think that I would live in a 10,600 Square Foot Home.” Clearly Don Cherry is upset by this but quickly after BuzzPR apologized for the mix up in information saying that they were mislead.

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