2015 Winter Classic

27 Jun

The Chicago Blackhawks, one of the more beloved teams within the National Hockey League will be playing against the formidable Washington Capitals for the 2015 Winter Classic. This information has come from multiple sources within the Canadian Press. It doesn’t come as a surprise that both of these teams would be playing in the next season winter classic as they both perform incredibly on the ice.
Blackhawks logo

The Winter Classic is meant to be one of the most exciting matches to occur on a yearly basis in the NHL. Every year two of the best teams are picked to play against one another in order to ensure that the quality of each three periods will be astonishing.

This will be the third outdoor hockey game that the Chicago Blackhawks have played, it is the second time that they have played in the Winter Classic. They hosted the New Year’s Day Game back in 2009 at the Wrigley Field. The Blackhawks clearly known their way around an outdoor rink, this could prove to be a problem for the Washington Capitals come time for the game as they have never experienced an outdoor hockey game as a team.

Each year the National Hockey League holds two outdoor hockey games a year. The most popular out of the two is the Winter Classic, whichever teams play in the classic are honored by the right to do so. You can expect one of the best matches of the 2015 Season to occur at the 2015 Winter Classic.

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